About Us


Amrik Singh is the founder and CEO of Twins Hospitality. He is the lead director in the company's operations and investments. By being the leader in the development of the company, Mr. Singh has brought Twins Hospitality into an era of success and prosperity. Furthermore, Mr. Singh continues to lead Twins Hospitality with passion, integrity, and ambition. These qualities account for the continued growth of his company and towards the successful expansion of Twins Hospitality.

Jaime Eingelleiter, Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing

Jaime Eingelleiter is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Twins Hospitality. She has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality business specializing in marketing and sales. Her expertise lies within the passion she has for business and entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry.  She is highly regarded for her ability in establishing and keeping long term business relationships with past and future partners, implementing strategic sales strategies, and being able to create new and innovative ways of marketing Twins Hospitality.

Monique Erickson, Manager-Holiday Inn Express
Monique Erickson is the leading manager of the Holiday Inn Express-Cal Expo in Sacramento, CA. Monique has been with Twins Hospitality since 2007 and continues to excel in providing guidance and direction to the company with her veteran leadership which helps contribute to the financial success of Twins Hospitality.

Samantha Alado, Manager-Hampton Inn &

Samantha Alado has been with Twins Hospitality since 2007 and has successfully managed and been a part of the development of two different properties. With over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, she holds a strong focus on revenue management and employee relations. Samantha has begun taking lead in new hotel management opportunities and creating strategic relationships while managing Hampton Inn & Suites-Cal Expo.

Amit Patel, Vice President of Operations

Amit Patel is the Vice President of Operations at Twins Hospitality. Mr. Patel has served as Front Office Manager, Guest Service Representative, and even as the General Manager at the various Twins Hospitality properties. Prior to joining Twins Hospitality, Mr. Patel developed and operated his own motels all across the Sacramento region. Mr. Patel has brought his many years of experience and expertise in the hospitality industry with him to Twins Hospitality. Mr. Patel specializes in the development of new hotel properties, asset management, and creating strategic sales initiatives.